Lorie's Events

2900 Lake Street Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Hear what vendors have to say about Lorie's Events

Cindy's    " Top 5 reasons I LOVE the events Lorie plans"

5. Great value for the amount of people I reach.
4. The amount of advertising she does is phenomenal.
3. Holds "giveaways" for both vendors and customers.
2. The Expo Center itself is a huge clean place to display my goods.
1. Lorie is a Number 1 class act that treats each person as if they matter the most!!

What Patrice of Copper Amazon says about Lorie’s Events: “I am thoroughly pleased with Lorie’s organizational skills, excellent communication and the way she 'goes the extra mile' to advertise and bring in patrons for her shows. Her personal service and professional business attitude make a real difference for the artisans, crafters, vendors… and all those happy shoppers! “

Cassie says " I love doing shows with Lorie! She puts on an amazing event and knows what she is doing for sure! Lorie's is a great event organizer for sure!"

Tabatha has this to say about Lorie's Events " Well advertised, brings in large crowds, fun and entertaining for the guests.  Great vendor opportunities to make great money and win a free booth!"

Patty says " I have been doing shows for many years first as a crafter then as a vendor. Lorie has brought more people to the shows then anyone ever has . That is all I can ask of her the rest is up to me Thank you keep up the good work."

Deb has this to say about Lorie's Events " Lorie's events are well organized,professionally promoted and advertised, respectful of crafters/vendors, and she is super easy to work with. She does what she says she is going to do promptly and efficiently."

Diane Dobratz " I love participating in Lori's events. She is so organized and so helpful to everyone. Her advertisement of her events is outstanding. That is why they are so well attended. She has many shows, with various venues so as to meet the many needs of the community. Keep putting on these shows Lori."

Ann Hampton states " Lorie's events are the best! She does an awesome job promoting them and there is always a large turn out! I always look forward to working with her!"